Police Need to be Reformed


From Thairath, March 3, 2016
Title: Situation of the Thai police’s honor
Swords on the back of the chairs from top to bottom: News on position-buying, Position, Controlled by the NCPO, Reform, Source of benefits
A paper close to the dead police officer: Problems of debt, work
Phi Nooring: Crisis in the organization
A mouse: Serving the people.

[This shows the military junta, the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), trying to reform the police force amid many challenges such as tradition of having to buy one’s rank and a rash of suicides in the force.
This implies that the reforms are impacting the rank and file police negatively and causes stress and the resulting suicides.
The death of Pol Lt. Col Chan Chaisawat, who hanged himself, is one example. He was under heavy pressure from his boss for submitting a petition to the PM against the completed overhaul of the police inspector force as ordered by the prime minister. Such a petition is seen as an embarrassing protest for the junta that is using its absolute power to make a wholesale reorganization of parts of the police force.
The subtext of all of this is that the police have been loyal to Thaksin and supportive of his political moves and legal attacks on his foes. The reorganization of the force is key to the military ensuring that the police can never again be independent enough to support one politician or thwart military resolve to intervene in politics.]

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