Police asleep for lese majeste

From Komchadluek, April 13, 2014
Alarm clock: Lèse majesté charge, Kotee, Tang Archiva

[Refers to the cases of Red Shirt Wuthipong Kochathamaku (Kotee) and Ekapop Luara (Tang Archiva) who are now facing lèse majesté charges. The police have been criticized for their apparent reticence to follow up quickly on lèse majesté cases, often having to be prodded by the military to do so.
Threats to raise open opposition to the monarchy have been used as leverage in the political conflicts of recent years. The cartoonist makes the case that the police, who are thought to be mainly loyal to Thaksin, are complicit in this political tussle by not quickly pressing charges when Thaksin supporters make statements that can be constructed as lèse majesté.]

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