Perception shift on Myanmar media

Perception shift on Myanmar media –, November 11, 2011
…Last year, the Irrawaddy was forced to axe its monthly print news magazine after the Danish government withdrew its funding. A very public spat with the Danish Embassy revealed diplomats’ frustrations with the organization. A leaked e-mail written by a Danish diplomat claimed the Irrawaddy’s staff had broken a contractual commitment to attempt to become more sustainable.
“They seemingly prefer the easier option to be totally dependent on donor contributions,” the message claimed. The magazine responded with an open letter accusing the content and timing of the leak of being “both erroneous and inflammatory”.
This year, DVB was forced to cancel much of its programming after having its funding slashed by $1 million. Since then, things have gotten worse for the agency. In September, it emerged that three Mae Sot-based staff members responsible for DVB’s inside network may have embezzled $300,000 in funds meant to pay reporters inside the country. Most of the organization’s video journalists have since left DVB and formed a new organization, “Burma VJ”, aiming to sell footage to outside media organizations on a freelance basis…

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