Overshadowing Buddhism


From Komchadluek, February 12, 2016
At left is Dhammakaya temple’s UFO-like golden dome. It is overshadowing a rowel, a symbol of Buddhism.

[The cartoon illustrates the power of the controversial temple Dhammakaya led by its abbot Dhammachayo over the Buddhism in Thailand, particularly the Sangha Supreme Court chaired by Somdet Phra Maha Ratchamangalachar.
It is alleged that the Sangha Supreme Court is trying to protect Dhammachayo from being defrocked.
Recently, Dhammakaya monks have clashed with the military over delays in appointing an apparent Dhammakaya sympathizer to be the new Supreme Patriarch.
All of this is wrapped up in Thaksin’s politics again as the Dhammakaya has long extolled Thaksin as the ideal layman. Since 2009, there have been fears that Dhammakaya novices might be called on to serve as human shields for Red Shirt marches. Thus, keeping control of the Thai Buddhist hierarchy away from Thaksin supporters is thought to be important for the junta.]

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