Out of the red barrel

From Manager, September 10, 2019
Man: Get out quickly!… Billy was killed during the democratic government not dictator government!!!
Caption: After falling in the red oil barrel for a while

[Refers to the case of missing Karen right activist Billy. The Department of Special Investigation confirmed his death after finding a fragment of his burnt skull in an oil barrel in the reservoir of the Kaeng Krachan dam in Phetchaburi Province.
This cartoon references the Red Barrel killings of the early 1970s when the military dictatorship liquidated suspected communists by burning them alive in oil drums.
The cartoonist contends that those with supposedly more revolutionary views feel safer to express them during times of elected governments when the military’s hand is stayed in dealing with them.
Billy’s killing seems to have taken place during the Yingluck-era government thus contradicting the conventional wisdom that the military will not act against agitators if they are not controlling the government in a dictatorship.
As there has been an apparent uptick in brash demands from parties alleged (or accused) of having radical intentions, the cartoonist jokes that they will retreat from these positions now that they know that Billy was liquidated during the Yingluck government years when even the most radical Red Shirts were protected from prosecution by being given posts in the government.]

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