Our responsibility is to protect!

From Thairath, May 10, 2013
Title: Our responsibility is to protect!
On the left, people wearing shirts that read “UDD” (the Red Shirts) protect the prime minister’s chair.
On the chair: PM from the election.
On the right the group hold papers that say: Senate supports on having PM appointed under Article 7 of the Constitution; overthrowing Yingluck
On hooded man: 100 dead bodies [referring to deaths during the Red Shirt protests in 2010]
Man next to the hooded man: Independent organization
Phi Nooring: Conspiracy.
Mouse: Dictatorship
[The hand holding the strings refers to the Privy Council who pro-Thaksin groups believe are behind efforts to topple the government. This cartoon shows Red Shirts are trying to prevent the groups supported by bureaucratic power from overthrowing Yingluck who was the elected PM.]

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