Five Years Ago: Taksin Returns
5 ปีที่แล้ว : ทักษิณกลับมา

Five Years Ago: Taksin Returns

[Red Shirt images like this were created in a deliberately provocative way in the lead up to the second siege of Bangkok in 2010. There were assurances that Thaksin would be returning soon and wishes of death to Privy Council members along with a fine tuning of the pro-Thaksin message that Thailand’s political troubles could be solved by overthrowing “aristocrats.”

The legacy of these pro-Thaksin messages that repeatedly allude to royal imagery and overthrowing world monarchies raised suspicions that the calls for change in the lese majeste law, particularly from groups supporting Thaksin, is intertwined with Thaksin’s bid to return to Thailand and reenter politics.

Even those in conservative circles who were amenable to overhauling lese majeste laws for their own reasons had little desire for reform when the Thaksin political machine was using anti-monarchy rhetoric as a card to play in his return to politics.]

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