Daily News, October 14, 1974

Old newspaper - Daily News, October 14, 1974

It reads: A throng of a hundred thousand people participate the funeral procession of the heroes to the crematorium at Sanam Luang - Mournful funeral anthem resounds - HM the King eulogizes the brave who died for the nation! - [in the small box] the procession stops to mourn at the bloodshed spot - The atmosphere is tremendously mournful.

[These stories are referring to a ceremony a year after the Black October 1973 incident in October 1974.]

Editorial cartoon: Wake up Thais! - [on the man’s chest] “Silent power” - [on the book] “The Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand” Article 7: The King holds the supreme revered and sacrosanct status. “The criminal law” Article 112: The one who commit the lese majeste case involved with the King, the Queen, the King’s children and the regent shall face up to 7 year jail sentence.

It reads: The brave who died for the nation with their innocent intention are models for the next generation. The following generations are, therefore, to maintain such innocent intention eternally. Chitlada Palace April 5, 1974

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