Old men wishing to play with the kids

From Manager, April 4, 2021
On sign at top left: Thammasat
Caption, left: Real youth
Caption, right: Old men wishing to play with the kids
Phumthan: Do you see the name?… We are the same group.

[Refers to the new group Octoberists for Democracy (OCTDEM) founded by some of those who participated in the political protests of October 14, 1973 and October 6, 1976. The group has shown its support for anti-monarchy and anti-government groups such as Restart Democracy (REDEM). Like the recent reappearance of Red Shirt Jatuporn trying to start a new anti-government movement, OCTDEM consists of people with close ties to Thaksin such as Phumtham Wechayachai and Prommin Lertsuridej.

Opponents of the anti-government protests like to point to the violence-prone Restart Democracy (REDEM) as the face of the student protests. However, there have been efforts to recompose the protest around new leaders and shed the confrontation of past protests.]

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