Red Shirts eat each other


From Naewna, October 26, 2105
Jatuporn (left): Whoever called for wearing red on November 1 is a fake Red Shirt. I’m the leader so I must be the one who orders.
Worachai (right): I don’t care. If you want to stop it, you must use Article 44.
In the front: Real Red Shirt
In the back: Fake Red Shirt.’
Caption: Don’t fight each other… Not so long, you will die the whole gang.

[Refers to a conflict between Red Shirt groups. Worachai, one of the Red Shirt members, called for wearing red to show their support for former PM Yingluck in the wake of the government’s plan to force her to pay compensation over the losses from the rice pledging scheme.
However, other Red Shirt leader quickly disavowed the plan and warned members not to participate in the event. This appears more in keeping with Thaksin’s orders that the movement should “play dead” and wait for future elections to return the Pheu Thai Party to power again.
This may refer to the Thai idiom a “snake is eating its tail” meaning things are linked and cannot be separate. It may imply that the real and fake Red Shirts are the same group.]

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