Obama Wins with Populism!

From Thairath, November 9, 2012
Cartoon title: The winner
On President Obama’s right glove: Populism
On president Obama’s left glove: Peace
On President Obama’s belt: Obama
On belt of Mitt Romney: Romney
Mouse Man Phi Nooring: Winning the Americans’ hearts
Mouse: 100% Democracy

[By using “populism” here, the cartoonist is trying to relate President Obama’s policy with that of the Thai government. He points out that with the president’s populist policies, such as his universal health care program, he won a second term election and Americas’ hearts.
Meanwhile the Thai government’s policies, e.g. rice mortgage program, free tablet computer giveaways, rebates on houses and cars, etc. have come under fire for being populist policies aimed at gaining votes in the short term rather than solving the country’s longer term problems.]

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