No more ASEAN summits in Thailand

From Manager, August 8, 2018
Left, typing: The Thai junta chief should not become the ASEAN chairman…
Red, typing: …because the Red Shirts will protest and disrupt the meeting again.
Caption: Read their article… should read to the end.

[Refers to a commentary published in the Indonesian newspaper “Jakarta Post” calling on ASEAN countries not to allow PM Prayuth to be the ASEAN chair next year.
This cartoonist jokes that the real reason is not because Prayuth is a self-appointed dictator, but because another ASEAN summit in Thailand will suffer the same fate as the one in 2009.
At that time the Red Shirts, attempting to bring down the government and return Thaksin to power, overran the meeting venue in an attempt to embarrass the then government.]

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