No barking… no fighting… or even threatening…


From Manager, April 28, 2015
Lizard: See what a human does!! Once they enter the parliament, they absolutely destroy our standard… See, no barking… no fighting… or even threatening… because they do like this, our image in parliament is damaged.
Caption: If former owners see this… they may be upset.

[The cartoon compares old politicians to animals who create a bad image for parliament through their actions.
Represented are the Democrat Party (the cockroach), known for their attempts in 2013 to physically prevent the Pheu Thai from passing constitutional amendments without debate.
Also represented are the traditional “dangerous animals” used to indicate power people who are dangerous to be around.
Beyond this, for decades now the Thai parliament has been the venue for crass provincial men to threaten each other using foul language. Chalerm Yoobangrung, in particular, is famous for his profane (and some allege, drunken) harangues that make televised sessions of parliament unfit viewing for children.
The cartoonist contrasts this with the civil and serene “debates” of the junta’s puppet parliament that has produced reforms that threaten the prerogatives of Thai politicians.]

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