News from the 1890s

2Bangkok readers will enjoy Steve Van Beek’s new book News from the 90s. It is a collection of Thai newspaper articles from The Bangkok Times from 1890-1899.

From the book jacket: “Of the many items comprising Bangkok Then and Now, the news stories from the “Bangkok Times” newspaper have proven to be the most popular. Here, we’ve gleaned the best stories from the 1890-1899 editions.
They reveal Siam’s dramatic transformation from a quiet backwater into a player on the world stage. Led by King Chulalongkorn, Thailand’s far-reaching reforms widened streets, tore down ancient walls, introduced rudimentary sanitation, and provided the city with fresh water. It lit the city with electric lamps and built Asia’s first electrified tram. Tall buildings sprang up along the waterways and silver rails began snaking into the provinces, stitching together a nation. In short, the capital shucked off an antique past as it prepared to enter the 20th century.”

Available at Asia Books.

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