New Year’s Cartoons IV: Intervention of Outsiders!

From Thai Post, January 1, 2021
On the toilet (is this a toilet?): Thon

[The cartoon suggests that anti-government protests led by the students will continue in 2021 with the intervention of the outsiders, such as the U.S. and the U.N. The cartoonist also ridicules former Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn which is shortly (nicknamed Thon in the cartoon) as the one who hides behind those protesters, meaning he and his allies, who attempted their own protests before the pandemic stopped them last year, is stage managing the student protests for his own political benefit. Dismissing protests and their demands over accusations of someone else benefiting is common in the Thai world.

Note: Due to the decline of print newspapers, there are hardly any traditional Thai new year editorial cartoons. Today, the ones that are left are simply regular cartoons with some broad comment on the year’s biggest story.
In the past, every newspaper featured a big cartoon on the front page with caricatures of all the major political personalities and news-makers.
Examples of these are here: New Year’s Cartoons 2004-2020.
In particular, take a look at 2008 for how many there were and how they all showed caricatures of the year’s big personalities: 2008 cartoons.]

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