New Year’s Cartoons: All Celebrate

From Matichon, January 1, 2020
On the flag: Happy New Year B.E. 2563
On Anupong’s shirt: Moto 1
On Jurin’s shirt: Democrat party

[Refers to the new year 2020, which is a year of rat in the Chinese zodiac. This cartoon shows many politicians, both the government and opposition, cerebrating the new year and wearing traditional dress.
From the front row, there are (left) Deputy PM Prawit, (middle) PM Prayuth and (right) Deputy PM and Interior Minister Anupong. “Moto 1” on his shirt refers to the Ministry of Interior.
In the middle row, starting from the left, is Deputy PM Somkid, Deputy PM and Minister of Commerce and the Democrat Party’s leader Jurin, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mr. Chuan, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Mr. Thammarat and Palang Pracharath MP Mrs. Parina.
In the plane is Future Forward Party’s leader Thanathorn indicating the belief he will flee the country like Thaksin rather than face charges. This year, the Thai political situation is expected to be tough due to many controversial issues, such as dissolving the Future Forward Party and the economic slowdown.]

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