New definition of “work” for foreigners in Thailand

Thailand to Treat Foreigners Better Under Foreign Workers Act’s New Interpretation (pdf from Narit Law)
Their other legal articles are here.

[The former interpretation of the law merely gave leverage to local businessmen who wanted to menace foreign businesspeople they did not like for whatever reason. If they could get their police buddies to catch a foreigner in the act of attending a board meeting without a work permit, the foreigner would technically be in breach of the law.]

…In response to this opinion of the Council of State, in March 2015 the Department of Employment issued the Notification Re Activities Not Considered Work under the Foreign Workers Act, B.E. 2551 (2008), under which the department explicitly clarifies that the following activities are not considered the “work” under the Act. This means a foreigner that is engaged in any of these activities is no longer required to obtain a work permit from the department or to notify the department for any work with a short period of time.
1. Attending a meeting or a seminar.
2. Attending a fair, an exhibition or a goods exhibition.
3. Making any visit to observe business or to meet and negotiate a business.
4. Attending special and academic lectures.
5. Attending technical training and seminars.
6. Purchasing goods in a good exhibition.
7. Attending a meeting of a board of director of one’s company…

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