Mouths are for talking, bottoms are for farting
ปากมีไว้พูด ตูดมีไว้ผายลม

From Thairath, November 20, 2011
The cartoon title reads: Mouths are for talking, bottoms are for farting.
Left man: Shirt reads: Biased media.
The smoke reads: Fart, fart.
The balloon reads: Weak English.
Middle man: Shirt reads: Salim [It’s a type of Thai dessert, but here refers to the multicolored-shirt group].
The smoke reads: Fart …!
The balloon reads: Good at speaking incorrectly.
Right man: Shirt reads: Sly businessman. His hat reads: Shares. The smoke reads: Fart.
The balloon reads: Northern girl.
[This makes fun of Yingluck’s critics and the way they denigrate her for her poor English, weak speaking skills, and heritage as a northerner.]

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