Mouth stopped up

From Naewna, November 13, 2020
On the TV: Being ashamed around the world. Anti-monarchy mob attack people who think different. The foreigner was bloody hit in front of his kid. [Thai media showed photos of the foreigner’s child crying uncontrollably after the attack.]
Above the bald man’s head: Amnesty Thailand.
Caption: Keep a pestle in the mouth… what they are waiting for?

[Refers to the pro-democracy group that got into a fight with a foreigner during a protest in Pattaya. Due to this incident, the protest group was criticized for hurting the country’s image.
This cartoon insults Amnesty Thailand as they supposedly kept silent on this violent incident. This implication being that the organization is designed to support one side and not the other. The saying “keep a pestle in the mouth” is a Thai saying meaning to keep silent like one’s mouth is stopped up. It further insults the organization by showing them using a sanitary napkin as a face mask.]

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