More Thai newspaper headlines: Secure and peaceful because of your royal rule


From Matichon, October 24, 2016
[Massive assembly of mourners outside the Grand Palace to sing the royal anthem in honor of the King Bhumibol Adulyadej.]


From Daily News, October 23, 2016
Still be in people’s hearts forever [white] ‘Celebrities’ express joint mourning. [brown] A father of the land.
Top left are actresses from Channel 7.
In top circle: Araya A. Hargate (Chompoo)
Right: Actresses: Pimchanok ‘Baifern’ Luevisadpaibul and Davika ‘Mai’ Hoorne
Middle-left: Usamanee ‘Kwan’ Waitayanon and Pitchaya ‘Golf’ Nitipaisalkul
Left circle: Thanyares Engtrakul
Left: Mick Tongraya
Bottom left: Sudarat ‘Tukky’ Butrprom
Middle: Doctor Sorawit ‘Kong’Suboon
Right circle: Pakorn ‘Boy’ Chatborirak and his younger sister Wanmai
Left: Bin Bunluerit
[Refers to celebrities who did volunteer work to help and support the massive numbers of people who visited the Grand Palace to pay respects to H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej.]


From Komchadluek, October 23, 2016
Title: Secure and peaceful because of your royal rule
We, servants of His great Majesty,
prostrate our hearts and heads,
to pay respects to the ruler, whose merits are boundless,
our glorious sovereign,
the greatest of Siam,
with great and lasting honor,
[We are] secure and peaceful because of your royal rule,
the result of royal protection
[is] people in happiness and in peace,
May it be that
whatever you will,
be done
according to the hopes of your great heart
as we wish victory, hurrah!

[Refers to the lyrics of the royal anthem titled “Sansoen Phra Barami.”]


From Thai Post, October 23, 2016
Sansoen Phra Barami [Title of the royal anthem]


From Thairath, October 23, 2016
Top left: Remembering King Chulalongkorn
[Refers to October 23 which is the memorial day for the passing of the King Chulalongkorn and a national holiday.]
Top middle: Hundreds of thousands of people sang “Sansoen” [the royal anthem] loudly at Sanam Luang. The conductor compares it to a water drop gathering to become an ocean. Massive numbers of people joined hands to sing… Continued reading page…
Bottom left: Arrest a Cambodian making fake passports sold in Rong Kluea Market.
Bottom left (below the above): Korat organized an exhibition showing old pictures. [black] The whole country remembers the King’s works.
Red box: Switching the track [The name of a regular column.]
Green box on the right: Recommend to donate dried food.
Below the green box: PM concerned fresh food will easily get rotten.


From Daily News, October 23, 2016
Title: He is worried about Thai-Muslim people.
Middle of the 2nd row: History recorded. The Chief of the Muslims paid respect to the King.
Left of the 2nd para: I can’t read as it’s too small.


From Matichon, October 23, 2016

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