More Songkran Cartoons, April 13-14, 2018

From Daily News, April 13, 2018
Title: Happy Songkran day… Ao jao.
Words from left to right: Democrat Party (by Democrat leader Abhisit), Pheu Thai political group (by a stylized Res Shirt leader throwing flames and next to a head member to indicate the Red Shirt assertions that they never committed arson, but were framed), NCPO (on the shirt of junta chief Prayuth), corrupted government officers (referring to the many recent corruption scandals)

[“Ao jao” is an old-fashioned Thai pronoun/prefix for a person younger than the speaker. This pronoun become popular again due to the Bupphaesannivas drama.]

From Thairath, April 14, 2018
Left, the spirit house says: Seven dangerous days during Songkran, if everyone considers about being Thai…
Middle, the spirit house: …the number of people dying due to accidents will be less than this…
Man: Why do you say this?
Right: We have already warned that giving an alcohol is like a curse. But people only think about this for international New Year. That’s why at Thai New Year, they are getting so badly drunk!

[The Songkran holidays are referred to as the seven deadly days because of the astonishing numbers of traffic fatalities, most involving alcohol.
For many years the government has promoted the “giving alcohol is like a curse” advertising campaign to try to break the Thai tradition of giving alcohol as a gift.
The campaign is conducted around the January 1 new year and not the Thai new year. the cartoonist jokes that Thais then feel free to drink at the Thai new year since they abstained during the January 1 new year.]

From Khaosod, April 14, 2018
Title: Enjoy splashing water, but don’t splash the polluted water on others. Songkran ๒๕๖๑
On a bucket: Politics 4.0

[The cartoon implies that people should stop slandering others, presumably over politics, and likens this to pouring polluted water on others during Songkran.
We are not sure why the cartoon mentions the year 2475 at right. This is the year 1932, the year of the revolution that overthrew the absolute monarchy.
It seems to hint that if the junta does not stop slandering their opposition it could lead to the coup like the Siamese revolution in 1932.]

From Daily News, April 14, 2018
Title: Songkran Happy
Top left: Happy to splash clean water
Top right: Happy to wear proper dress [refers to official statements that women should not wear provocative clothing and this will prevent them from being groped]
Middle left: Happy to drive without drinking
Middle right: If you have a mobile phone, you should have a cover to resist water. Then, you will be happy.
Bottom left: Happy to visit temples to make merit
Bottom right: Happy to pour water on seniors and ask for their blessing.

[Refers to all activities to do during Songkran which are considered proper.]

From Daily News, April 14, 2018
Title: Bangkok
Building says: This atmosphere is hardly seen. [meaning the roads are deserted during Songkran]
Road says: Very clear

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