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From Thairath, August 26, 2016
Title: Tear it up before using it; Not guilty [we think this means something like “don’t use the new charter and those who dare to say this have not committed a crime”]
Above the prison: Jail to shut in people who disagree with the new constitution
In speech ballon at top: Preparing for an outside prime-minister
Man wearing suit and holding the constitution plinth: CDC [He is the charter drafter Meechai Ruchuphan.]
On the three men trying to hold onto the constitution statue from left: Future senator from Lark Taung [“Lark Taung” means not coming from an election or an unelected person]
Man in the middle wearing a suit: NLA [National Legislative Assembly]
Paper near man on the right: Amend the constitution to give senators the right to nominate the prime-minister
Paper on the ground: Second referendum question [refers to the second question on the recent charter ballot that asks if the senate should be able to nominate the prime minister]
Mouse man: Satisfy the power of human passion
Mouse: In flavor of Lark Taung [the unelected]

[This is more trepidation about the new charter and the possibility that it would permit an unelected prime minister to be installed after the next elections. See also: If the PM stays, watch out for more bombs]

Also: Analysis: Thailand’s Half Democracy

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