More Thai editorial cartoons featuring President Obama

From Manager, November 20, 2012
Left, Prime Minister Yingluck: Aren’t you going to have any, Mr. President?
President Obama: Oh… No …I can’t have any more.
Right, President Obama: …During the meeting …I’m full with the chickens you let out.
Yingluck: Yack!
[In Thai, to “let chickens out” means to do something embarrassing.]

From Thairath, November 17, 2012
Prime Minister Yingluck: Welcome to Thailand. It’s freezing today.
Big mouth on the right: A mob to freeze Thailand, the opposition party is struggling to get away from the lawsuit.
[The big mouth is Gen. Boonlert Kaewprasit, leader of the protesting group who said he want to stop corrupt politicians by “freezing” the political system for a time. Lots of pushy partisan talk is represented in Thai by spit flying out of one’s mouth. Here, since the general talks of a freeze, the spit is in snow form. The reference to the lawsuit is what is/was really behind the renewed agitation on the street against the government. The government has used old legal cases to attempt to eliminate opposition leader Abhisit from politics.]
Mouse man Phi Nooring: Stop hurting Thailand.
The mouse holds a sign: Don’t topple the democracy.

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