More Falling 2016-2017

Russian woman falls 4 stories, lands next to 7-11 clerk – The Nation, July 9, 2017
A 7-11 convenient store clerk was shocked when a Russian woman suddenly fell through the roof of the shop’s storage area onto the floor right beside him…

Western man dies in fall from Bangkok condominium – The Nation, July 7, 2017
An unidentified western man was killed when he fell from his room on the seventh floor of the Silk Condominium in Bangkok onto the roof of an adjacent house…

Frenchman falls to death from Bangkok condo – Bangkok Post, April 25, 2017

British man dies after falling from Udon Thani hotel – Thaivisa, March, 2017

General Ugandan woman falls to her death – Bangkok Post, October 3, 2016
A 22-year-old Ugandan woman fell to her death from a high-rise building in Rat Burana district, Bangkok, early on Monday…

More Falling

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