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From Thairath, September 26, 2019
Left side heading: Iron charms
Katathep: Value things never thinking about selling [meaning he placed a huge value on “iron charms” he owned, but could never sell them at that price]
Right side heading: Trots of pig’s poo [something like “pig’s diarrhea” to mean the supposedly dirty business of poaching MPs from other parties]
Prawit (in the middle, wearing the expensive watches he was criticized for possessing)–he calls out to the Pheu Thai members: Don’t know who will be absorbed… but he who can be absorbed, I will get them. [this means the main government party is welcoming oppositions MPs to join it by “absorbing” them into the government party]
Above the door: PT [Phea Thai]
On the truck: Sewage car. PPRP [the initials of the main ruling party]
On the bags on the truck: Budget for giving. Budget for absorbing. [this means funds are set aside to bribe opposition MPs to join the government]
Phi Nooring: Never stop absorbing.
Mouse: Shameless people get it, but people who have shame won’t. [This is a Thai proverb meaning that people who are shameless can get everything they want as they do not hesitate to ask for it or take shameful action on their own. On the other hand, people who have morals and can be shamed are too shy to do thing they want or ask for others to help.
This implies the shameless government sucks up Phea Thai MPs while the Pheu Thai would never do such a thing. This is ironic, however, as Thaksin-directed parties that were the predecessors to the Pheu Thai were created by absorbing MPs from other parties.]

[Refers to the criticism of pro-Prayuth party Palang Pracharat (PPRP) since it is engaging in the longstanding practice of absorbing MPs from other parties to join their side.
Such “absorbing” or “sucking” is often symbolized by a sewage truck sucking up sewage.
Meanwhile, Katathep Techaruangsakul, MP of Palang Thai Rak Thai, one of the nine single-member “micro parties,” reported that he owned iron charms he valued at 1 billion baht. This is a sort of ridiculous over-estimation that brings into focus the rules requiring MPs reporting their assets.
“Trots of pig’s poo” comes from Thai proverb “Rainy day, trots of pig’s poo and bad people meet each other.” It means an incident that gathers many bad people together.]

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