Monks tell you how to be rich

From Manager, March 17, 2017
Left, Dhammachayo: Close the normal account… then open the Buddhist account and you will rich naja… [referring to the Dhammakaya teaching that donations to the sect can allow on to achieve a personal, internal enlightenment]
Right, Phra Datajivo: Close the Buddhist account… then open the stock account and you will richer naja… [referring to the scandla where this Dhammakaya monks allegedly was using donated funds to play the stock market]

[Refers two well-known Dhammakaya’s monks–Dhammayacho, the abbot of Dhammakaya temple, and Phra Dattajivo. Both have been stripped of their titles over schemes involving financial dealings.
Dhammachayo is facing money laundering charges while Phra Dattajivo is accused of using temple fund to play the stock market which violates Buddhist principles. Dhammakaya teaches their followers that they can achieve a sort of internal enlightenment while still living in the world and they can make merit through donations rather than practicing traditional Buddhist behavior.]

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