Filling the senate

From Thairath, May 7, 2019
Title: Acrobatic tactics on changing seats
Phi Nooring: Thai-style performance [meaning vested interests and corrupt motives are common in Thailand]
Mouse: No. 1 in the world
Chairs and papers at left from front to back: Ministers, [on the paper] Politicians’ quota; State Enterprise’s board, [on the paper] Politicians’ reserves; NLA, [on the paper] give to the MPs
Papers on the floor from left to right: [Got their] Position from the coup, [Got their] Position from alliance-appointment
Chairs on the right: Senate
Paper held by Deputy PM Prawit at bottom right: 250 Senators

[This refers to the appointment of 250 senators. They are dominated by the military as many of them came from the military while others used to work with or have a good relationship with the junta.
Thus, the new senate, which also votes for the prime minister, is criticized as being a puppet to maintain the junta’s power.]

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