Bombs can happen anywhere

From Thairath, May 25, 2017
Title: Both help to warn each other
Man on the left (representing a Thai person warning overseas Thais about violence): Be careful of the bombs
On the suitcase: Thai people in England
Signs in the background: Bangkok, three provinces, southernmost [referring to locations of bombing violence]
Man on the right (representing an English person warning English people about the bombings in Thailand): Be careful of the bombs
On the backpack: English people in Thailand
Signs in the background: Manchester, London [referring to the recent concert bombing there]
Phi Nooring: Feeling sorry for people who are suffered from this.
Mouse: Condemn the bombers

[This cartoon illustrates that while Thai officials warn their people to be careful when they go to the UK, UK officials also warn their citizens who visit Thailand to be careful. This perhaps unintentionally illustrates the Thai defense tendency to counter any criticism of their own country by asserting that the same thing happens in other countries.]

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