Massaging the Country People

From Thairath, February 22, 2018
Title: Not only massage… but also swing… Everyone likes it.
On a coin bag held by woman: Elder
On a coin bag over the baby: Children
On a man’s shirt: Chatchai
Phi Nooring: Becomes a national issue
Mouse: Return the happiness to the society

[Refers to the junta’s latest development project “Than Niyom Yangyuen” or “Sustainable Thainess.”
This shows Chatchai giving money to the young and old and rocking the baby’s cradle while massaging an elderly woman (massage being a common practice thought to be good for health).
Deputy PM General Chatchai Sarikulya insisted that this project has been welcomed from people as it aims to restore reconciliation, reduce disparity and to make people respect the law with emphasis on equality and fairness. He denied that it is only intended to woo the public support towards the junta.]

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