Many people are going to die of anger

From Manager, May 4, 2014
From TV: Millions of people in the Kingdom… unanimously wearing yellow shirts, gathered in front of the Royal Palace to show their loyalty…
Sound coming from the men’s chests: Pop
On the door: Anti-monarchy
On wall: No Section 112 [Thailand’s lese majeste law]
Caption: Today, many people are going to die of anger.

[In Thai, “to die from your chest exploding” means to die from anger. The cartoonist contends academics and Red Shirt leaders who wish to allow open criticism of the monarchy would be angered by the show of support for the monarchy. Eliminating the lese majeste law is especially contentious as pro-Thaksin groups have repeatedly blamed the Privy Council and monarchy for Thaksin’s ouster. The men in the cartoon are the so-called “Red Academics.” Among them Somsak Jiamthirasakul (red shirt, standing), Dr. Nithi Iewsriwong (in white shirt and with eyeglasses), and Suthachai Yimprasert (on the floor).]

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