Malaysians protest ban on protests

Malaysians protest ban on protests – Bangkok Post, November 30, 2011
Malaysia’s parliament enacted a ban on street protests on Tuesday, defying hundreds of demonstrators who marched in the capital to denounce the legislation as a setback for civil liberties…

Authorities urged to allow lawyers’ rally to proceed – IFEX, November 29, 2011
…In its letter to Najib, Human Rights Watch raised concerns about the bill’s blanket prohibition against “assemblies in motion,” such as marches and processions. Other concerns raised include overly broad authority for local police officials to regulate and disperse assemblies; an extensive list of “prohibited places” for which assemblies would not be allowed less than 50 meters away; wide powers for Malaysia’s home minister, including to determine whether an assembly may be legally held; and a prohibition on participation by children under the age of 15 years and non-citizens…

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