Mainueng Kor Kuntee

From Thairath, April 25, 2014
Title: Mainueng… only one in our heart
Even dead, his wish still exists. It’s still shinning and can’t be hidden.
A bullet can shoot his heart, but can’t stop his dream for freedom.
Mainueng Kor Kuntee
On Mainueng’s shirt: Release the political prisoner.
Sign held my the mouse: RIP, our Hero for democracy.
On the wreath: Mourning the people’s poet

[This cartoon memorializes Red Shirt poet and anti-lese majeste law activist Mainueng Kor Kuntee. He was shot on April, 23 2014. Killings of people holding controversial or anti-establishment views are not uncommon during times of political strife. While such killings are often hastily blamed on “personal disputes,” the actual meaning is usually clear. In this case it is likely a sign to intimidate the Red Shirts and signal that the anti-monarchy agitation will not be tolerated.]

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