Yingluck Looking for Luck

From Manager, April 23, 2014
Sign at the top: Parking for constitutional judges only
Caretaker Premier Yingluck Shinawatra: What will it be for this lot…?
Caption: From a god-mother hinting at lotto numbers from her plate… now she, herself, has to look for a hint.
[The Thai idiom, “waiting for the lotto result” means waiting for a result of something. In this context, looking for a hint in lotto numbers means looking for a hint on how the judges will rule on Yingluck’s cases. Thais often look to the number plates of rich and powerful people for lucky numbers to bet on in the lottery.
Recently, the number plates of Yingluck’s vehicle during her trip to Chiang Mai turned up as lottery winners–even prompting many to believe the lottery was fixed to create positive superstitious buzz for the embattled premier.]

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