Long Tongue Up the Dress

From Manager, January 5, 2012
PM Yingluck is saying: Aaiee!!! Does Uncle Banharn give me a score of 9 out of 10?
Caption: Short body, but long tongue [Banharn is known for his short stature.]

[At the end of the year, there were many polls assessing the government’s performance and the “Yingluck 1” cabinet did not get high scores. However, Banharn came out to personally give 9 out of 10 to Yingluck’s performance.
No matter what political orientation, it seemed unlikely that the cabinet would be ranked that highly and the event underlined Banharn’s mercenary and obsequious political nature. Thus the joke is that Banharn has a long tongue and his tongue is licking Yingluck’s ass with his compliments.]

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