Local pastor fights sex trade in Thailand

Local pastor fights sex trade in Thailand – newtoncitizen.com, October 8, 2012
…Brannen is known as “Uncle Ronny” at House of Grace. The girls get a kick out of his wild antics, from encouraging them to crack an egg over his head during a relay game to allowing them to smear their faces with peanut butter and throw cocoa puffs to see how many stick to fashioning a slip n’ slide for them out of plastic bags and dousing it with soap and water.
Their laughter and joy is a reminder of how different their lives could be. Brannen was once taken to the sex district by a staff member with House of Grace who wanted to show him exactly what they are working to prevent.
There are bars there where girls are lined up in their underwear with numbers pinned to them, and menus are passed out for the men to decide what acts they want them to perform.
“I looked into the face of one of the girls and her eyes met mine and they were hollow,” Brannen said. “There was deadness on their faces. The girls at House of Grace are filled with light, filled with laughter, filled with joy, with smiles on their faces … They have life. What I saw there was death.”

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