Let the wound speak

From Thairath, October 30, 2020
Title: Let the wound say it instead.
The wound is saying: Ignore the call from the people, high school students and university students, but arrest and crackdown without humanity.
On his necktie: PT [Pheu Thai Party]
Sign on the table: Parliament President
Phi Nooring: Don’t attack the protesters.
Mouse: Hie Too is a problem.

[Refers to Pheu Thai Party’s MP Visan Techatirawat who slashed himself with a knife in Parliament to protest PM Prayuth and the government’s treatment of young pro-democracy activists.
In the cartoon, “Hie Tu” uses the word “Hie,” a Chinese word meaning “big brother,” but the sound can mimic “Hie (เหี้ย)” meaning something like “very damn person.” This is combined with “Tu” to mean “damn Prayuth.”]

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