Legend of the giant on the pillar on Viphavadee Rangsit Road

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[This following from an article on PostJung (from February, 2016) about the legends surrounding the giants who hold up the Donmuang Tollway around Lardprao Intersection.
It is a good illustration of Thai cultural beliefs about how construction accidents and general good luck can be influenced by employing proper charms–usually a combination of animist and Buddhist symbols. Such thinking is demonstrated by Thai spirit houses.
The old Erawan Hotel also had a story of how construction accidents stopped after the installation of a shrine for a Hindu god at the site.]

The legend of the giant on the pillar on Viphavadee Rangsit Road

After getting off the outbound Suthisan exit.

The story was started when Donmuang Tollway suffered a loss because no customers were using the tollway.

Then there was someone who recommended that the Donmuang Tollway install a giant to carry the pillar in order to stop the loss. At first the Giant was installed on the opposite side of Thai Airways Headquarters, but there was a complaint that car accidents happened a lot in the area [mean the giant caused bad luck in the first place it was installed] so, it was removed and installed right before Central Lardprao Bridge instead.
One day the taxi driver tells a story:
A customer get into the taxi and asks
Have you ever seen the giant holding up the pillar?
The driver is stunned. What? The giant holding up the pier I have never seen…
Passenger: They have two giants on Viphavadee road.
First one is right on the Sutthisan intersection.
Second on is right before Central Lardprao Bridge.
So, it’s a masthead and the pole. [meaning something like “the first and the last”]

Driver: I ask customer, how does he know, he tells me that he is not sure when he hear this may be he listened this story on the radio channel a long time ago.

He starts to tell this mystery story. It was back where the tollway was starting to be built. Everything was fine up until they started to lift up this pillar. Whatever they do, it cannot be lifted up.

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It [the structure] was built up to Lardprao intersection. Then the tollway needs to go up and over the Lardprao [flyover] bridge. They built the pillar and shoulder pole and after a few days it fell down and killed some workers. It happened many times, even with the correct structure according to the engineers. It still collapsed and made a huge number of deaths of workers. It is only happened at this intersection.

So they start to use the superstitious way in order to continue to build the tollway by installing a giant shouldered [holding up] the pillar. This is unbelievable… but after they created this giant, the pillar was built up so easily and no accident occurred. So they made two giants at the masthead and pole. [beginning and end of the construction]

Whoever pass by the road, try to take a look at it.

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