Learning from Hitler’s Constitution


From Manager, March 24, 2015
Soldier: Dear Fuhrer, those people took a time machine back to learn about our draft constitution.
The men in the suits on the left is are NLA members led by Mr. Borwornsak Uwanno.
Caption: German model? It may be from this era.

[The National Legislative Assembly led by Mr. Borwornsak Uwanno made an official visit to Germany to discuss and exchange views about the German constitution in order to seek the most suitable solution for drafting Thailand’s new charter.
The current “German model” constitution that favors smaller parties is thought to be favored because it would make it more difficult for Thaksin to gain another absolute majority in his attempt to rewrite the constitution and create a pardon for himself.
Here, the joke is that the new Thai constitution may instead draw from Hitler’s time to allow a dictator to hold power and keep democracy at bay.
The Manager Group (publisher of this cartoon) once again shows it intends to critique (and attack) those in power whether they be the Pheu Thai, the Democrats, or the military.]

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