Two cartoons with the same idea: Media submerged

From Thairath, May 2, 2017
Title: Law submerged
On the submarine: Bill on controlling the media
Phi Nooring: Taking it to the deepest of the sea
A month: Don’t force!

[This cartoon above combines two issues–the military’s purchase of a submarine with the bill meant to control the media.
These cartoons (above and below) with the same idea come from radically opposite sides of Thai politics.
Thairath’s Sia is an inveterate Thaksin and Red Shirt supporter. Naewa (below) has the harshest anti-Thaksin and often pro-junta cartoons.
However, in this case they are both combining the submarine and media control issue to attack the junta.]

From Naewna, May 2, 2017
Title: Toothpick can’t resist the battleship!!!
On the torpedo: Bill on controlling the media
Above the missile: The NRSA [National Reform Steering Assembly] approved it…

[This cartoon uses the Thai idiom “from a toothpick to the battleship” meaning “everything but the kitchen sink.”
In the cartoon, the saying is used to show that the media–with its pen to write–is not match for the junta which is able to make huge purchases at will for its own benefit.]

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