Knives out for Sudarat

From Manager, December 26, 2019
Sudarat: Time is up for Prayuth. [meaning it is time for the government to fall]
Thaksin: Time is up for Noi. [meaning it is time for Sudarat to lose her leadership position]
Caption: This word is so true!

[Refers to an internal conflict in the Pheu Thai Party which seeks to oust Sudarat from her leadership role.
Until recently, the major rural factions have been agitating for her removal, but Thaksin seemed to support keeping her on. However, news leaked that Thaksin rejected her request to field a candidate from the Phea Thai Party to compete in the Bangkok Governor election. Instead, a stealth, supposedly non-political candidate is being fielded, who is still clearly loyal to Thaksin’s factions.
In the event of a win, this prevents Sudarat from gaining more influence as the candidate is not under her party’s control. It allows a splitting of influence that ensures actions are taken which are in Thaksin’s best interest–being able to return to politics in some way.]

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