Kick Thaksin’s Dog

From Manager, May 28, 2015
Dog, representing Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul: If I come back, I will bring the passport back to Thaksin!!
A man with black hair: Kamin… I feel very itchy. I want to kick it once.
A man with brown hair: You can’t do that, Bancha… it will violate the animal cruelty act.
A caption: Yesterday, this dog almost made us get caught. [for kicking a dog]

[Bancha and Kamin are the cartoon representations of ASTV Manager’s cartoonists. Here the characters refer to a Thai saying about one’s foot being itchy–meaning you “want to kick someone’s ass.”
They want to kick Thaksin’s cousin, former Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul. Surapong quietly returned Thaksin’s passport to him when he was FM. He is often portrayed as a dog in cartoons for his loyalty to Thaksin.
In May, after Thaksin criticized the Privy Council for his ouster, the junta vowed to revoke his Thai passports. Surapong immediately countered by saying that he would return the passports to Thaksin if the Pheu Thai Party was part of the next government.
Such open vows by Thaksin family members to use the power of the government to support the former premier, even in the face of his anti-monarchy statements, infuriates Thaksin foes. They can hardly believe that Thaksin still can wield such influence after a decade of moves to sideline him.]

More about Thaksin’s cousin Surapong: Don’t Worry Thaksin! Pheu Thai Vows to Return Passport Once It Forms New Government

And one of the all-time best stories about the secret after-hour moves to create a new passport for Thaksin: The Democrats reveal that Pheu Thai govt secretly issued Thaksin a new passport

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