Keep your guard up

From Thairath, May 26, 2020
Title: Don’t stop keeping your guard up or “doing the wrong guard?” [meaning that the government measures during the pandemic are hurting people rather than preventing the spread of the virus]
PM Prayuth: State of Emergency. Curfew
Men on the right: Treatment for the second wave of COVID outbreak; Commission for State Quarantine
Men in the front: Don’t receive fund assistance; Hoarding goods for speculation.
On their backs: [left] CCSA [right] Government
Phi Nooring: Afraid of hunger rather than infection
Mouse: Cartoon picture idea from Dr. Or [this is the nickname of a person who suggested the idea for this cartoon to the cartoonist]

[Refers to the dilemma of government measures meant to handle the COVID-19 situation. While the government led by the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) calls on the public for keeping their guard up to prevent the spread of infection, many people have been advantages from this measure, such as hoarding medical goods or corruption on the place provided for the state quarantine.]

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