Keep on dreaming

From Thairath, June 23, 2013
Cartoon title: Keep on dreaming
Top left: Dream that Louis Vuitton produces Luang Poo bags for the market! [Reference is to Luang Poo Novice Kham, a famous monk in Srisaket Province who was found using many luxurious goods including a Louis Vuitton bag.]
Top middle: Dream that PEA cut the electricity based on one standard! [Reference is to the potential electricity crisis during the hot season in April. Critics accused of using the threat of cuts to promote its won agenda and shifting the burden of cuts to southern areas whose voters do not support the government.]
Top right: Dream that Thai people are close to be able to reconcile! [Politicians on all sides continually talk of a Thai-style reconciliation which opposing political pressure groups continue to square off against each other.]
Bottom left: Dream of stipulating fiscal discipline: On left money bag: borrowing 2.2 trillion baht; on right money bag: borrowing 35 billion baht; on other bags: Borrowing
Mid bottom: Dream that peace talks with the BRN Coordinate Group will bring peace [refers to the peace talks between the Thai government and the BRN, an active insurgent group in the deep three southern provinces.]
Bottom right: Dream that dismounting a tiger is easy.
On tiger: Rice mortgage price at 15,000 baht per ton [After two years and huge losses, the government announced that it would cut the price to 12,000 baht per ton, but had to quickly reverse to the original price because of pressure from protesting farmers.]

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