Junta no better than a broken security camera?

From Thairath, May 27, 2017
Title: Compare the performance.
Broken sign below the camera: Hospital [referring to the bomb blast at a military-run hospital on the anniversary of the coup]
Camera at top left: Bae…bae (waste product) [“Bae bae” is the sound referring to a thing that is not working or is broken. Many non-functioning video cameras around the hospital made it hard for authorities to track the bomber.]
On military tank: Prayuth: Boa…bae (what a waste) [“Boa bae is the sound referring to a thing that is not useful and perhaps a waste of money. “200%” probably refers to the assertion that the purchase of military hardware is the right one.]
On the chair: Government comes from election
On paper to the left: Policy for people
On paper to the right: Project to develop the country
Mouse man: Destroy, don’t make them perform.
Mouse: Don’t put the blame. [Junta foes have been complaining that the prime minister is blaming Thaksin for the country’s problems.]
[On the day before the anniversary of the coup and the hospital bomb blast, former PM Yingluck warned the junta not to waste their time in power and lose a chance to reform the country.
The cartoonist invites the reader to compare the junta’s performance and their purchase of expensive military hardware with the broken video cameras in the bombed hospital.]

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