Join the Reform Council!!!

Title on top: Return happiness to Thailand; Private and public sectors join hands to select the National Reform Council
On dark blue tint: We invite juristic persons (for non-business) to nominate candidates for the National Reform Council’s selection at the Election Committee Office
Under symbol: For more information, please contact EC Office, Government Complex (Chaeng Wattana); Tel: 02-141-8888 or 1171;, or at provincial EC offices (nationwide)
The selection is sponsored by the Expressway Authority of Thailand and the Aqua Ad PCL.
At bottom left corner: NCPO [National Council for Peace and Order, the junta]; the Election Committee Office

[The National Reform Council is the junta’s committee to provide suggestions for a new constitution and to ultimately approve it. It will be drafted to “prevent corruption” which in the current Thai political sense means to prevent what the establishment sees as an abuse of democracy.

This means it will prevent another popularly elected government under Thaksin’s control from legislating populist measure to enrich its supporters at the expense of the nation and that ultimately acts to enable a Thaksin return to politics.

It will also ban organizations like the Red Shirts that, despite pretenses of being an independent pro-democracy movement, essentially act as political muscle at key times to support the political tactics of Thaksin.

The details of the new charter, once known, will spark another round of political agitation over accusations that it is unfair and undemocratic as well as being promulgated without benefit of a referendum.]

Another junta billboard: The Junta Promises

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