Jatuporn says Abhisit, Suthep ‘collude to kill people’

Jatuporn says Abhisit, Suthep ‘collude to kill people’ – The Nation, March 18, 2011
…Jatuporn, who led last year’s 10-week protest by the red shirts that led to the political turmoil, said that if those cases go to court, Abhisit and Suthep would be charged with “colluding to kill people” and could face death sentence if found guilty…

Suthep repudiates Jatuporn’s claims – Bangkok Post, March 18, 2011
…Showing video clips, Mr Suthep said the four groups of “men in black” were:
– the group of Ronin warriors led by the late Maj-Gen Khattiya Sawasdipol;
– the Black Tigers group under Lt-Gen Thuanthong Suwannathat, former army specialist, and red guards leader Aree Krainara;
– the Saming Dam group of hard-core red shirts, specialising in bomb-making; and
– another group of “men in black” for secret operations.
Members of these armed groups had been trained for violent attacks and their operations had been well planned and systematic.
“Therefore, it can be said that those operating under Mr Jatuporn’s orders were responsible for the killing of civilians, soldiers and journalists,” Mr Suthep said…

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