It’s not cute anymore

From Thairath, October 28, 2020
Title: It’s not cute anymore.
Students: Too get out. Overthrow Too. Get out. [“Tu” is the nickname of PM Prayuth. Students using the similar sounded “Too” is supposed to be insulting, we think. Does any reader know the meaning of “Too” vs “Tu” here?]
On signs held by students: Good politics. Reform.
Minions: Slander. Distort. Traduce. Threat to slap your face. Hit the kids.
On a gun held by PM Prayuth: Urge one mob to clash with another.
Phi Nooring: Tu is a problem
Mouse: Don’t preserve the power.

[In recent months, protests have arisen calling on PM Prayuth to resign, to rewrite the current constitution and to reform the monarchy. Counter-protesters in yellow shirts (and also identical military haircuts) conducted a rally to show their support for the government and the royal family.

Here, those pro-government protesters are represented by characters from the Minion films as they not only wear royalist yellow, but also follow their leader to the death.

The student protests were initially called “cute” as a way to diminish their efforts. However, this characterization did point out the new character of their activism. The student protesters seemed to forswear the threatening rhetoric of traditional Thai protest. They also used cartoon and pop culture references in their protests.

The cartoonist says the protests are no longer cute now that violence is happening.]

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