It’s all wet in Thailand

It’s all wet in Thailand –, October 20, 2011
…Harder to calculate is the impact on Yingluck’s credibility and popularity, which pre-flood was riding a July election win high, but post-flood is expected to sink, including in some of her Pheu Thai party’s worst-affected provincial strongholds. Her government’s response to the disaster has been by all accounts erratic and uncoordinated, bringing the premier to tears at one point and underscoring her lack of political experience and control over her administration. Her self-exiled, former premier brother, Thaksin Shinawatra, has been widely reported to be managing her crisis team from the United Arab Emirates.
…Yingluck’s commitment to the program underscores her need to regain suddenly lost political momentum, a drive that before the floods was pushing for the criminally convicted Thaksin’s return to Thailand as a free man by year’s end…

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