It’s a frame up–and unfair to Yingluck

From Thairath, August 1, 2017
On hand at left: MC [Ministry of Commerce]
Words below hand: Fine rice, make it [grade it] cheap and rotten
On rice sack: Rice from warehouse
On hand at middle: Merchant
Words below hand: Rotten rice becomes fine rice with an expensive price
On rice sack: Rice from warehouse
On hand at right: CCL [Constitutional Court Judiciary]
Words below hand: Good people don’t need to plead guilty [beneath is the hooded figure of death used by Red Shirt cartoonist to refer to the Democrat Party and other authorities who cleared the Red Shirt protest in 2010 resulting in deaths and injuries]
Caption: Sacred things or magic that fools people
Mouse: Thai miracle.
Mouse man: If you do not believe, do not be disrespectful.

[This cartoon contends that claims that rice stockpiles were bad are false and thus charges against the former PM Yingluck are unfair–particularly considered that those who caused deaths during the 2010 Red Shirt protest have never been brought to account.]

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