It is not libel to accuse Thaksin of ordering the deaths of drug dealers or wanting to overthrow the monarchy

Kasit acquitted in libel case – Bangkok Post, December 26, 2014
…While addressing People Alliance for Democracy protesters in November 2008, Mr Kasit said Thaksin was trying every way to seize the country and make it his personal asset.
He also said Thaksin had issued orders to kill Thai Muslims in the South and for extra judicial killings of drug suspects and that Thaksin wanted to become the president and topple the monarchy.
Thaksin filed a suit against Mr Kasit as the first defendant and Co Ltd and ASTV (Thailand) Co Ltd as the second and third defendants respectively for publishing the speech…

Accusing Thaksin of Republicanism Not A Crime, Court Rules – Khaosod, December 26, 2014
…The Criminal Court dismissed Thaksin’s libel suit today. In the verdict, judges explained that Thaksin is a public figure and subject to criticism from members of the public.
“Although Kasit’s speech contains some impolite remarks, the speech was made to defend the interest of the nation and the monarchy,” the court wrote. “It is an expression of opinion with an honest intention. The court therefore acquits the defendant of the charges…”

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